Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Whispers of the Past CAL

I can't wait.  I have signed myself up for the Whisers of the Past CAL.  I love CALs.  Although I make blankets all the time - they are for other people.  When I make one in a CAL, it is for myself.

I feel really excited now, as the postman has just delivered my pack of wool.  This is the next step in the build up to the launch day, which is Thursday, 13th October 2016.

This will be my second blanket CAL.  My first was the Spice of Life CAL.   I thoroughly enjoyed this and couldn't wait for the next instalment to ping into my E Mail.

Whispers of the Past is by Helen of Crystals and Crochet and is being hosted by 'CAL - Crochet Along' on Facebook.  All details of the CAL can be found here.

Can't wait for the 16th October!!!

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